Sage 50 Computerised Accounts is a comprehensive business management system and the accounting software of choice for most small to medium sized companies in the UK and abroad.


If you have a solid working knowledge of Sage 50 and want to further develop your computerised bookkeeping skills, our IAB Level 3 Computerised Accounting for Business using Sage online training course is the ideal step.


The course teaches you how to get the best from Sage bookkeeping software and undertake the full range of practical business management tasks facilitated by this powerful system. Learning at home, you will be taught to manage fixed assets, month end and year end accounts, doubtful debts and many other essential functions and skills.


Designed to provide the more advanced knowledge of bookkeeping and Sage 50 accounts.


Intended for individuals who already have a good working knowledge of Sage 50 accounts and wish to further their studies.


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Course fee: £299 (plus £240 IAB registration fee, payable together)

Course duration: 136 Guided Learning Hours (i.e. the total time you should take to complete the qualification)

Method of study: Online/distance learning

What's included: Live lectures, recorded lectures, access to interactive study material for 12 months, 1 to 1 tutor support

Qualification earned: Level 3 Certicate in Computerised Accounting for Business (QCF) 601/0482/X

Awarding body: International Association of Bookkeepers (IAB)



The IAB Level 3 Certificate in Computerised Accounting for Business is aimed at individuals who already have a good working knowledge of the software and wish to further their studies and by those who have good practical knowledge and skills and wish to gain an accredited qualification in the subject.


On completion of this online course you will be equipped to use the program to its full potential and will receive the Level 3 Certificate from the International Association of Book-keepers (IAB), as well as a Sage 50 Certificate of Competency. You will also be eligible to move from IAB Associate level to Member Status with the IAB and will be able to use the letters MIAB after your name.


The course takes you through both the manual and computerised aspects of the preparation of management reports and financial statements. It deals with the use of the software in greater depth and covers more than the day to day transactions a business has, for example fixed assets, stock and doubtful debts. On line reporting for VAT is included as well as cash management and different types of business organisations. A working knowledge of bookkeeping to level 2 standard would be a requirement.


The IAB Level 3 Computerised Accounting for Business qualification is recognised by employers worldwide. When you have completed your course you will proficient in all aspects of Sage 50 computerised bookkeeping and be able to apply your new found skills in a variety of finance roles.


IAB Level 3 Certificate in Computerised Accounting for Business (QCF) – 20 credits

  • Principles of double entry bookkeeping - A/601/0698 (2 credits)
  • Principles of accounting for not for profit organisations - Y/601/0725 (1 credit)
  • Fundamentals of incomplete records - A/601/0717 (1 credit)
  • Fundamentals of bookkeeping and accounting for partnerships - L/601/0723 (1 credit)
  • Principles of preparing financial statements for sole traders - R/601/0707 (1 credit)
  • Principles of VAT - A/505/1094 (2 credits)
  • Principles of cash management - R/600/4938 (2 credits)
  • Cash management - L/600/4940 (3 credits)
  • Preparing and completing VAT returns - J/600/4953 (2 credits)
  • Computerised Accounting Software - L/502/4403 (5 credits)

What is included

  • Six months of unlimited tutorial support
  • Bespoke course materials
  • A 180 day Sage 50 Accounts licence
  • Mock assessments
  • Assessment fees
  • Six months' IAB membership (required to take the IAB assessments)
  • 24 hour access to the online teaching area
  • Free Career Management Centre services
  • Optional NUS card - the definitive student discount card with a range of exclusive discounts

Entry requirement

There are no formal entry requirements for the Level 3 Certificate in Computerised Accounting for Business.  However, it is recommended that prospective students will already have basic skills in numeracy, literacy and information technology and experience of using an accounting software package up to the Trial Balance. The successful completion of the IAB Level 2 Certificate in Computerised Accounting for Business (QCF), would allow natural progression to this level 3 qualification.


The IAB Level 3 Certificate in Computerised Accounting for Business aims to:

1. Act as enhanced understanding of financial record keeping and accounting using Sage accounting software within a double-entry accounting system.

2. Give you the necessary skills to assess your own competence in carrying out a range of day-to-day computerised accounting routines and activities using Sage software. The activities will include entry of complex business transactions and routine bookkeeping tasks including the posting to ledgers and the preparation and use of journals, period end adjustments, VAT preparation, preparation of period end financial statements and amendments to charts of accounts.

3. To assess your understanding of the importance of maintaining accuracy, security and data integrity in performing any bookkeeping tasks using Sage software as your computerised accounting system.

4. Give you a greater understanding of the capabilities of the software and how it can enable better financial management and control of a business.

5. Enable you to progress in your learning to further develop your knowledge, understanding and skills of dealing with financial transactions and preparation of period end financial statements by:

  • To gain a Sage competence certificate at this level
  • Completing the units necessary to receive the Level 3 Certificate in Applied Bookkeeping or Level 3 Certificate in Bookkeeping (competence)
  • Undertaking further studies of accounting routines at level 3
  • Undertaking further studies of accounting at level 4



On successful completion of all units, you will receive a certificate to confirm the achievement of the IAB Level 3 Certificate in Computerised Accounting for Business (QCF).  The certificate will include the full name and accreditation number of the qualification and the award of Pass.


You will also receive a certificate from Sage confirming your competence in the use of Sage accounting at Level 3.


Benefits for trainees:

  • IAB Qualifications open new doors to exciting careers, as well as extending business accounting and payroll skills if you are currently employed
  • Start your own business
  • Work in small businesses
  • A career in bookkeeping can lead to great things
  • Update your knowledge of Sage
  • Improve your employability prospects
  • A career path into bookkeeping or accountancy
  • Ideal Continuing Professional Development course
  • Gain an IAB qualification and become a professional bookkeeper
  • Accountancy trainees gain exemptions by building recognised credits
  • Gain an accredited qualification - with possible progression to a degree in computerised accounting whilst continuing working
  • Start your training immediately without having to wait for the new term to begin


Benefits for employers:

  • Up-skill your workforce
  • Train key staff members in the features of the latest Sage 50 program
  • Try program before buying
  • Train staff in how to computerise manual accounts
  • Learn how your staff can prepare up-to-date management reports and accounts in house and save money on accountants fees
  • Start-up businesses - teach staff to keep financial records
  • Train your employees how they can improve your company's Cash flow, Credit Control and your bottom line profitability
  • Get the most out of the Sage 50 program (80% of Sage 50 users only use 20% of their program)
  • Employers have a benchmark qualification they can use to judge an individual's ability
  • Instead of accepting an applicant's word they know the Sage Program, employers now have the certainty of Sage and IAB certificates

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