Online learning is the modern alternative to traditional classroom teaching and offers you the chance to study from your home in your own time, or from work or wherever you choose. It uses a mixture of live or recorded lectures, texts (articles, books, links to information, videos etc.) and assessment (quizes, exercises, assignments etc.) to teach you the subject in a very efficient manner. More and more teaching is now being delivered online because of the advantages it offers. All you need is internet access.


We know that learning online can need willpower at times, which is why we ensure you're not alone. You are supported by expert tutors, mentors and fellow students who can all be contacted for help and advice.


We have a team of the most experienced online learning providers in the industry and we offer qualifications approved by leading professional and academic bodies. By choosing to study online through Cloud iLearn, you choose a flexible and affordable way to learn new or develop your existing skills and to gain additional qualifications.




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